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Name:Melissa Marie
Birthdate:Mar 12
There are two kinds of people in this world, miss - those I serve, and those I don't.

Name: Melissa Marie - she goes by either
Species: Lesser Succubus (Formerly human.)
Age: Unkown.
Official Position: Maid to the [info]succubi_rnvrshy
Sexuality: Prefers girls, but will accept men.
History: Melissa Marie was once a human; an Englishwoman she claims, though it's the only history she generally reveals. She generally claims to have been a prostitute in her former life - though some will claim she used to be a Lady, who grew tired of the life.

As a maid in the present day, she serves Risa and her guests, granting any and all needs they might have - regardless of what they might be... regardless of how legal, or how dirty. Her only requirement is that her Queen would agree.

Personality notes: Melissa Marie splits the world into two groups - those she serves, and those she doesn't. Although she is submissive by nature, she wants those she serves to deserve her - if she sees them as weak, or needlessly cruel, then they are lesser; if they are lesser, she does not serve. And that's simply all there is to it.

The exception to that is "second hand" serving - she will always treat the guest of a master or mistress with perfect politeness, seeing it as serving the original person, with the newcomer merely receiving some of the benefits.

Other notes: as a former human, she lacks the tail and wings of a born succubus. Though she does have the ability to grow both - spells learned over time - she has never entirely given up that past connection. Though she does feed on lust, it's more a craving than a requirement, and generally takes far more than a greater succubus. She gets her food from the residents of Risana's household, in return for serving.

Muse and Mun are 18+

Mun is male if anyone cares.

Love hotel: Though Risana will always be her Lady, she's more than willing to temporarily devote herself to others. She's enjoys submitting - both in and out of the bedroom.
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